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Sep 13, 2012 7:00pm PDT
spots. on the hot side, 90's. we're going to cool things off a little bit but no major changes to the forecast. right now we have the fog to contend with. also a batch of high clouds. you may have noticed those moving in from the pacific earlier this afternoon. here we go, some of the fog out toward the golden gate bridge. already a few patches approaching the bay bridge at last check. nearly 30 degrees in temperature changes. warmest locations inland. it was hot, 93 to 96 degrees earlier this afternoon. here we go with the forecast. headlines for tonight. we do have this with mostly clear skies. some coastal fog as we just showed you. tomorrow some morning fog. it will still be hot. the weekend, temperatures on either the mild side or the warm side but no major heat showing up. coolest locations in the upper 40's up towards santa rosa. most of the regions starting out in the 50's. high pressure has been in command of our weather. remember, we have an ocean out here to our west and with that, it's keeping the temperatures on the cool side right near the immediate shoreline. so we're g
Sep 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
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Sep 7, 2012 7:00pm PDT
nominee, paul ryan s here in the bay area right -- is here in the bay area right now attending a $2500 a plate fundraiser. he campaign inside nevada earlier. he said that president barack obama is good at giving speeches but quote really bad at creating jobs. the job unemployment rate is the highest in the nation. he will head to danville for a fund-raising breakfast at the home of brent jones. >>> a small newspaper got the inside scoop about clint eastwood's speech one week ago. the 82-year-old actor/director says his words were unscripted. he said that the romney cast asked to see the speech. he said quote you can not do that with me because i don't know what to say. the idea of talking to a chair representing barack obama came to him backstage when someone asked eastwood if he wanted to sit down. >>> president barack obama and mitt romney all of the talk, about jobs. the changes east contender pushed to change the outlook. >>> residents in a shopping district are taking their battle online in an effort to stop a new megasuper market. but the new project is well passed the plan
Sep 11, 2012 7:00pm PDT
want to see is walk down the street and be scared by doper s or drug dealers. >> reporter: officers did undercover drug buys and arrested many dealers paying close attention to areas within 1000 pete of schools. >> they walk to school and see people smoking crack, injecting heroin, it's something they grow up with. >> reporter: today we saw countless deals so in two weeks police made 25 felony drug arrests, 10 of which in school zone enhancements. >> we want you to stay away from the school zone. we don't want you to target kids. >> reporter: educators welcome the effort. >> we're hitting head-on the issues and glad police are taking part in cleaning up the streets. >> reporter: oddly the drug dealing enhancement does not apply to prescription medication, which is also a problem. >>> boosting police presence after reports of attempted kidnapping. officers will watch over children as they come and go from school in the morning and afternoon. last week a man offered a ride to a girl who refused and got out of his car and tried to grab her but she fought him off. >>> the first case of
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4